Locals helping locals



Take advantage of our 50% off sale on all fogging services for #vancouver local businesses. Call for a free estimate now. #localshelpinglocals

Restaurants, Cafes & Bars


Fogging sanitization using a food-safe disinfectant. All fogging services are 50% off for all local Vancouver restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Call our trained professionals, we can help ensure you abide by all food safety regulations and can focus on your business. Sanitize all front of house and back of house areas – dining surfaces, tables, chairs, kitchen area, equipment and all floors

Buildings and Commercial Offices


Fogging sanitization of offices, common areas, and buildings ensures a sanitized work place so you and your teams can return safely to work. We offer a complete sanitization of all touch-points as a protection from viruses and bacteria.

Grocery Stores


As our community’s essential business, Multiservices Vancouver is offering all fogging sanitizing services at a 50% discount to all grocery stores that are operating in some capacity. Offer a complete sanitization of touch-points, using a food-safe product. Keep your teams and your customers protected.

Clinics and Store-fronts


Deep sanitization and fogging services offer a protection and a safe working environment. Ensure your store front – wether a retail store, health clinic, IV centre – are all protected and sanitized prior to re-opening. Our fogging services can be scheduled after-hours to ensure a full sanitization before you return to your business.