After many years in the service industry bringing local and effective cleaning service to Vancouverites, Multiservices
Vancouver has now officially created and launched our sister company specializing 100% on residential cleaning.
The idea has been in the works for the past few years, and was carefully designed to provide the high-end answer to
your executive cleaning needs.

The Akumal team consists of hand-picked cleaning professionals, sustainable and local products and attention to the
little details that make our residential team stand out. All of these finally come together to offer you a guaranteed and
valuable service.

Our management team remains the same, consisting of Sonia, Michelle and Alex – so you can rest assured that your
information is still kept in-house and are receiving the same level of attention to your requests as through MSV.
You will notice our specialized residential teams now come equipped with the separate cars, equipment and
uniforms. All the cleaning supplies for our residential clients were thoughtfully researched and picked by our team in
order to provide you with sustainable, efficient and local solutions. From Canada for Canadians, and a minimal use of
chemicals to protect our planet.

Akumal’s residential services will consist of three-tier cleaning packages, carefully inspired to provide you with peace
of mind by fulfilling your cleaning needs for you and your family.

We are excited to better service our current and new residential clients and invite you to visit Akumal’s website and
make your booking directly at